Home Assistant, 433 MHz and listening to (others) sensors

I like cheap (but good enough) things, like 433 MHz based temperature sensors. I like them even more as I can listen to all my neighbours wireless temperature sensors using some fairly cheap equipment!

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Running Grocy in Podman

My SO actually asked me to setup something self-hosted! Wow. So today we are setting up grocy, and we are not using the easiest way to do it.

For some background we have given up trying to remember what we have in our chest freezer, so we’ll try Grocy for this purpose.

I’m using the project official containers, podman, macvlan and a pod in this case, and I ran into one minor issue in the process that I mean to document here. Spoiler: it’s not something wrong with Podman in this case, but my general setup.

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Podman primer

Yet another post for my future self, this time documenting how I currently setup podman containers on my overly complicated home network.

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Caddy primer

I recently took the time to try out Caddy in my homelab, and kinda liked it. This is a short primer mostly for myself.

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Transforming a ~30 USD USB switch into something else

The device used, ATEN US424

First off, lets pretend I only paid ~30 USD for this USB switch thingy. :)

This is old news, but there’s a project called display-switch that allows you to change which input your monitor is using, only based on USB events on your computer.

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sqm-scripts & systemd-networkd

I recently found the sqm-scripts repository and decided I wanted to use it on my home router, but I could never make the service run as expected on my setup (Debian 11, systemd-networkd) with the default service definition.

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ISC Kea lease hook script

This is just an update for MQTT based presence detection, but using the ISC Kea lease hook library to send MQTT messages.

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Resetting an USB port

This is something I need often enough I’ve gotten tired of finding it online. The best thing would probably be to buy better USB peripherals but this is the second best thing in this. :-)

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