Webshit Weekly, regarding the defence of Richard Stallman


Some webshit is angry about an elderly moron being held accountable. The argument goes that we should tolerate decades of pedo apologism, creepy behavior, and general asshattery because the author agrees with some legal opinions of the creep in question. It is this moron’s right, so the argument goes, to act and think like a shithead, because otherwise we might not have got a specific legal document, which a subset of computer nerds finds valuable. Hackernews takes this weak-ass argument and with it builds a springboard from which to dive into an open cesspit, finally freed of the requirement that they act like human beings even for a moment. None of the comments presented in this thread are new, and none of them are interesting. It’s just several hundred adult human beings, furious that someone might be judged on the content of their character, instead of the topic they told you to consider.

(link to article, link to webshit weekly, link to HN comments)

Let’s just say that I generally enjoy reading webshit weekly (“An annotated digest of the top ‘Hacker’ ‘News’ posts for the last week”), especially when their views align with mine. Making fun of others feels bad, but there’s something that triggers me with HN, and the passive aggressiveness of WW is just so…satisfying.