ZeroTier on FreeBSD 14

FreeBSD, networking, ZeroTier

I recently built a new machine and installed FreeBSD 14 and ZeroTier on it, due to reasons.

However, when I tried to join a ZT network I just got HTTP 401 back on any command I tried.

# zerotier-cli info
401 info{}
# zerotier-cli peers
401 peers {}

It seems that FreeBSD has changed a default, and returns a IPv6 address (ffff:, and not or ::1 as expected) when asked what address a socket is running? Not sure I really understand :-D

The solution is simple. Write the following (or append) to your /var/db/zerotier-one/local.conf:

  "settings": {
    "allowManagementFrom": [

This will allow management from this new address as well. I’ve seen examples which also includes but that is just wrong unless you really know what that will do.

One thread where I found this workaround in is on the ZeroTier community forums.