New Theme

hugo, webdesign

I just grew bored and decided to change theme, again. This time I spent a hour or so to tune it slightly, and I pretty pleased with the outcome!

Old news #

First thing first, the old theme looked like this:

Old theme, stock

It was a standard Archie theme, taken from It’s a very nice theme, but I started to be a bit annoyed everytime I saw someone else using it. It was also quite OK in size, around 50K transferred to render the entire site.

New theme #

I discovered when procrastinating something else, and liked a lot. However, there were a few things missing (like pagination) and a lot of things were hard coded into the template, so I figured it was time to learn the basics of Hugo templating!

Current theme, based on

I was surprised how straight forward it was. I’m not new to this block based/smarty-style templating, but the Hugo documentation was very good and the hugo discourse was a great resource for the other bits not in the default documentation.

I’ve published my hugo theme as a fork on github, you can find it at I made sure to leave a few bugs in there to keep myself occupied for a while. :-)

The site is also a bit smaller to download - it’s approx. 9 KB compressed, of which 4 KB is for web analytics (using GoatCounter). I think that is pretty acceptable!